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Duck Hunting Set | Big Country Toys
  • Duck Hunting Set | Big Country Toys


    The Duck Hunting Set is perfect for kids who love to duck hunt! The hunter can back his boat off the trailer into the water and use the working prop to steer the boat. He can set out all of the decoys to attract the ducks and wait for them inside the boat blind. Once he gets one, he can send his lab to fetch it. When he is done for the day, he can gather up all the decoys, put them in the decoy bag, and load his boat back onto his trailer!

    This set includes:

    • Hunter
    • Shotgun
    • Lab
    • Flat-Bottom Boat
    • Removable Blind
    • Boat Trailer
    • 3 Cupped Ducks
    • 5 Decoys
    • Decoy Bag



    The Duck Hunting Set features a removable blind, a motor with a working prop, and a decoy bag to carry all the decoys in.


    PLAYABLE & COLLECTIBLE: All toys fit with Big Country Toys full line of 1:20 scale farm and rodeo vehicles, figurines, animals, and accessories.




     Length (inches) Width (inches) Height (inches)
    Flat-Bottom Boat 12.75 4 4.25
    Boat Trailer 11.5 5.25 2
    Hunter 3.75 1.5 0.75
    Shotgun 2.1875 0.0625 .25
    Lab 2.875 .625 1.8125
    Cupped Ducks 1.75 2 1.875
    Decoys 1.25 .5625 .8125
    Decoy Bag 2.5 2 .25
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